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Allan Middendorf Transitions to Dirt Late Model Racing

COLUMBIA, IL (May 24, 2024)– Renowned racing enthusiast Allan Middendorf is embarking on an exciting new chapter in his motorsport career by transitioning from the 300-plus mph Funny Car to Dirt Late Model. Middendorf, who has been a fan of the sport for over a decade, felt the time was right to dive into this thrilling sport as both an owner and driver.

“I’ve been watching late model racing for 10 years or more and I knew when the time was right, I wanted to experience this myself. Like with the funny car, I wanted to be an owner/driver. What intrigued me is they are 2300 lb cars with 950 HP engines that reach speeds of 100+ mph on the straightaway and go into the corners at speeds of 80+ mph, inches away from other cars,” said Middendorf.

Over the winter, the opportunity presented itself, and Middendorf seized it. With the guidance of Late Model driver Brent McKinnon, Middendorf was introduced to Gary and Adam Tischhauser, who played pivotal roles in assembling the car and making crucial setup decisions. “As with all forms of racing I’ve done, I wanted a first-class operation with the best parts, cars, etc.,” Middendorf added.

After several test sessions throughout May, Middendorf is set to begin racing at local tracks starting in June. His dedicated crew includes his girlfriend, Doni Snyder, who continues as team manager and handles tire duties; Gary and Adam Tischhauser as crew chiefs and driving coaches; and Seth Tischhauser, who assists with general maintenance.

Adam Tischhauser brings a wealth of knowledge as a driver himself, while Gary Tischhauser has over 30 years of experience in dirt racing, including driving late models in the past. “I feel very fortunate having the Tischhausers helping me with my operation due to their experience and expertise,” Middendorf remarked.

This year, Middendorf plans to compete at local tracks in Illinois and Missouri. Acknowledging the steep learning curve, he expressed his excitement for this new adventure. “I know I have a huge learning curve but after several test sessions, I’m excited for this new adventure,” he said.

Allan Middendorf is a dedicated motorsport enthusiast with a diverse background in various forms of racing. Known for his commitment to excellence and passion for the sport, Middendorf continues to push the boundaries in his racing career.

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