Allan Middendorf and the American Outlaw Nitro Funny Car return to Funny Car Chaos after Two-Year hiatus.

COLUMBIA, IL (June 8, 2023) – Team Owner, Driver and Illinois Native, Allan Middendorf announces Wednesday that he will make his 2023 Funny Car Chaos debut June 16-17 at Cordova Dragway in Cordova, Illinois after taking a 2 year hiatus from the series.

“I stepped away from drag racing to prioritize my businesses,” Middendorf says. “During the COVID pandemic, the Middendorf Companies continued operation due to the government infrastructures we support. We provide heavy equipment services to various institutions which requires tremendous responsibility and liability. It was in my best interest to focus on day-to-day operations and put the pursuit of drag racing titles on the back burner.”
Since 2021, Middendorf has dabbled in racing at local motor cross tracks in addition to starting additional divisions of the Middendorf Companies.

“Some people would say I’m all gas, in this case Nitro, and no brakes. I can’t sit still. I constantly need to be doing something, going somewhere, and working towards a goal,” Middendorf continues. “I used this time away from drag racing to pursue a passion of mine since I was a kid in motor cross. I was also able to grow the Middendorf Companies, due to the influx of business we received during the pandemic.”

Middendorf and the Nitro powered funny car called “American Outlaw,” will take center stage at the Funny Car Chaos race June 16-17 at Cordova Dragway.

For more information on Allan Middendorf and the American Outlaw Nitro Funny Car:
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